July 27, 2010

~*Sacred Chains*~

~*Sacred Chains*~
(I was never a spiritual but after Shaurya's birth the things changed and I started believing in spirituality. Sometimes to get myself stress free and sometimes to run away from the tough questions that life keeps on throwing at me. I clicked this pic during one of my visit to Balaji Temple in Hyderabad. )

July 20, 2010

~*Way to Go*~

~*Way to Go*~
(Observed a beautiful hide and seek between the Sun and the Shadow on my way to Chilkur Balaji Temple, Hyderabad (also known as Visa Temple). The contrast that was offered by nature was simply mindblowing, you can see the road ending in some white aura!! The trip was a real pleasure but forgotting the recharged batteries for camera at home was a total spoiler)

July 12, 2010

Shining Bright

~*Shining Bright*~
(After looking at the macro shots of Flowers by Anthony and his inspiration from Kala's blog even I got inspired to click some beautiful (?) macro shots. But due to hectic schedule as usual missed my camera at home while visiting to a garden. The plants and flowers looked so fresh after getting washed by the rain and I could not able to control my urge to take out my mobile and click some pics. Though it is not a typical macro shot but I will keep on trying until I improve.)

July 05, 2010

Nature at its best

~*Nature at its best*~
(Since ages I was dying to click a shot of a butterfly or a bee sitting on the flower but was never able to do it. Sometimes because of my stupidity and sometime because of over enthusiasm. While clicking this shot I never realized that I will be able to click my dream shot. I was not sure when the bee came and sat on the flower and I was like>..... yippee!!!!!)

July 01, 2010

Riot of Colors

~*Riot of Colors*~
(Sometimes we observe the most beautiful things in the worst situations. This picture was clicked at Mugalsarai Junction (UP), during my last visit. The temperature was around 43 degree and humidity was around 80% and every human face looked drained but at the same place there was these bunch of flower shining brightly and radiating its charm.)