April 24, 2011

O for Ochre


I am the color yellow, 
bright and vibrant wherever I go.
Imagination fills my brain and
happiness covers my face. 
I smellunshine and 
confidence that
encourages my strengths.
I am the color yellow.

April 17, 2011

N for Nosegay : bouquet of fragrant flowers


Flower, flower grow for me,
Become a flower from a seed,
Grow your roots and a stem,
Let the water come right in

Flower, flower you are true,

You make me happy when I am blue,
You became a flower from a seed,
You did all that just for me 

April 14, 2011



Life is that ever lasting flower
The flower that is always in constant bloom
People are that dying powder
That cause the flower to slowly consume
People cause the flower to die
Just as fast as those bees fly
People don’t care about the flower
They just care about the nectar it brings
They care about the flowers sweet things
Only a few care to keep the flower in bloom
Only a few are worried when the flower is doomed
The flower is life that ever lasting thing
Life is something that is truly a blessing
Once you poor that powder on our flower
Life will descend and we will follow in a whirlpool of sorrow
Because life is that ever lasting flower
So treat our flower correct, and we may just see tomorrow
~Everett Smith