September 27, 2010

Ready to Fly

~*Ready to Fly*~
(Clicked this photograph a few days back and was amazed at the beauty and the color combination of this Dragonfly. I think this was the best macro shot, I have clicked using my Kodak Easyshare Z 812 IS.)

September 20, 2010

Dancing Flames

~*Dancing Flames*~
(On a late summer night, when my brain was unable to calm down, I took out my camera and went out to click something. There was a fire burning near my place, where a few youngsters were sitting and enjoying the beautiful night. I sat with them for sometime and enjoyed there conversation about every thing in this world and clicked these pictures.

“You are born as a flicker,
From the womb of the fire
And with the rhythmic fall
You begin your violent dance!!”

September 12, 2010

Color of the day

~!Color of the day!~
(Last Saturday, wifey dear was on a full day fast for me on the ocassion of Teej and in evening we went to a temple near our place. There was an unkept garden nearby where I observed this bright shiny flower standing all alone and radiating its charm. I am still not able to remember that why I clicked this picture, whether it was the charm of the flower or the sorrounding where it was standing tall.)

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September 06, 2010

The Busy Bee*~

~*The Busy Bee*~
(Clicked this one today morning near our company. After a long time we got some really nice sunshine in Hyderabad and this bee was utilising it nicely for collecting the nectar.)

September 04, 2010

~*Gift of Love*~

~*Gift of Love*~
(Clicked this one long back during our visit to Ooty. Medha was having some emotions releated to the autumn leaves and she was admant to get a few of them as memorial. When I went to collect them, I decided to create a bouquet and this was the outcome. )