About me

Long, long ago, in the year 198X, when the whole world was sleeping peacefully on the fateful night of October 7th, this stout brat was born in the Rai’s family. 

Few people say that he lived his first year as a quiet cherub, but after an year he realized his potential and started showing his true color by sporadically intimidating kid until life educated him that if you are scrawny and frail, you should not muddle with the fat and big kids else you will be returning home black-and-blue. Somehow that gawky kid managed to pass the exams that schools took and currently he is enjoying Hyderabadi Biryanis. 

As a person he has always been a straightforward one who believes in simplicity of thoughts and deeds. He is a born Libran who looks at the both the sides of a coin and totally gets confused. People who know him usually think of him as considerate, sociable, quick, charming, and humorous and a big bully. 

His world is his lovely and charming wife Medha and his cute little devil Shaurya (and also around his Dell studio 17) and they mean everything, absolutely everything to him! He is an absolute romantic at heart. Oops I forgot to tell that is me!!