March 28, 2011

Kiss away the day


This picture was klicked on 22nd March 2011, to compensate the mised oppurtunity of klicking full supermoon. On 20th I was busy with Shaurya and totaly forgotten about this supermoon thing. Hope I clicked it right!!

Let me unwind the clocks that are ticking,

pushing you more and more

let me make it alright,

let me love you completely,

let me kiss away the day
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March 20, 2011

Joy of Colors

~*Colors all around*~


~*Colors for Sale*~

~*Shaurya totally soaked in colors and loving it*~

Holi - the festival of colors - is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of Hindu festival.The colorful festival of Holi is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which comes in February end or early March. Holi festival has an ancient origin and celebrates the triumph of 'good' over 'bad'. The colorful festival bridges the social gap and renew sweet relationships. On this day, people hug and wish each other 'Happy Holi'.

Holi celebration begins with lighting up of bonfire on the Holi eve. Numerous legends & stories associated with Holi celebration makes the festival more exuberant and vivid. People rub 'gulal' and 'abeer' on each others' faces and cheer up saying, "bura na maano Holi hai".

March 15, 2011

I for Intricate


O were I hovering, a bee, to probe

Deep down within your scented heart, fair flower,
Enfolded by your soft vermilion robe,
Amorous of sweets, bur but one perfect hour!