January 30, 2010

~*Full Moon*~

~*Full Moon*~
(Is the moon tired? Then why it is so pale
hinding herself in her misty veil
She is the one who scales the sky from east to west
through out the night And takes no rest. )

~*Full ~*Full Moon in Monochromatic shot*~
(Moon, worn thin to the width of a quill
In the dawn clouds flying
How good to go, light into light
and still Giving light, dying.
By Sara Teasdale (1884-1933))
Full moon have always given me goosebumps as I found it very mystrious. Tonight, I was out in balcony with Shaurya when I saw it. After making him sleep, I grabbed my camera and took almost 20 shots (as i dont have TRIPOD), out of which only 8 were stable again because i dont have a TRIPOD.

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  1. This is some beautiful piece of work !!
    I am all game !!


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