February 25, 2011

Fire Within

~*Fire Within*~
When a fire is burning within

the mind will keep it lit.
Fanning the flame with every breath
will not allow it to quit.

And whosoever has no fire
posesses a mind that's numb.
No amount of fanning the breath
will allow them to become

wired, inspired and filled with passion
for any worldly thing.
They will spend their time here on earth
with never a song to sing

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  1. Well said. Very intense photo. Does make you think of fire.

  2. Breathtaking capture as as always and a fantastic poem! What a wonderful way to begin my day! Thanks for sharing the beauty, Bhupesh! Have a great weekend!!


  3. Wow. The orange in the photo literally pops off the screen! And a perfect poem to accompany it. The words of the poem are so very true.

  4. This is awesome...and perfect words to go with it...

  5. Gorgeous light - a powerful shot!

  6. FINE foto and poem.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. This is very beautiful, the poem too!


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