May 20, 2011

R for Rain Drop

~*Rain Drop*~
A Raindrop is born
  In a cloud
Like a pearl in an oyster.
Until it is too heavy
And falls out
Of its nest.
It bumps into other droplets 
On its journey down.
Over and over again.
Gravity pulls the raindrop down
To strike water or earth
And one day it evaporates.
             Llinked to  ABC Wednesday, show your world Tuesday and Macro Monday.                                 


  1. Amazing work...

    Stunning colors and composition !

  2. Wonderful shot and I like the poem too.

  3. wwow, that's so gorgeous, i love how the light reflects into the drop, so good. !!!

  4. Love this click....and the words as well. Nice capture.

  5. Fantastic details and light Bhupesh!


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