July 26, 2011

B for Blaue Blume

~*Blaue Blume*~
(Blue Flower) 

Against the field it grows, gritty,
and I look down, filled with pity
at a green sprout, beauty its shield.
It grows, gritty, against the field

In a concrete fissure, it grows.
Below the sun it will repose;
through cyclic time it will venture.
It grows in a concrete fissure.

Blue’s the color, blue is the view,
grey is the sky as it’s askew.
It grows taller, life span smaller.
Blue is the view; blue’s the color


  1. Great shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Blue is my absolute favorite color and what a lovely pic!

  3. Fabulous shot, the droplets of water look like tiny jewels on this stunning flower. Thanks for sharing your photo and that lovely prose.

  4. 'tis lovely, indeed/rog, abc wednesday team

  5. Very nice composition and photo, too.


  6. Lovely image, thoughtful words.

    Anna :o]

  7. Very pretty summer photo and poem. I smell the freshness of the rainy field!
    What is the significance of the German title? Have you written it in German too? I often write my poems twice, once in English and then in Swedish, although I only wrote this latest poem in English; it could work in Swedish too.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Alphabe-Thursday Rd 3 - C

  8. What a beautiful poem and a beautiful picture!

    This was such a cooling and lovely post.

    I enjoyed it very much.

    Thank you for sharing.


  9. What a great shot and terrific poem.


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