December 07, 2009

~*The Moon, The Bridge and The lonliness*~

~*Stunning Set @ Ramoji Filmcity*~
(Observed it during our visit, where they were planning to shoot some romatic number)


  1. Yeh raaten, yeh mausam, nadi ka kinara yeh chanchal hawa :) Looks like someone will come out of the frame with a billowing pallu, how beautiful....

  2. Even I was amazed when i saw this one, but you know i clicked this during day time, at evening it was looking real.. same as thhey showed in the movie Phir Bhi dil hai Hindustani in song Aur kya

    But i missed it cos my camera ran off Power

  3. Oh such lovely location, apt for film shooting, there are some ghost stories too associated with Ramoji film city.....Lol

  4. Awesome Pics ..sach bolu mujhe laga these have been picked from Net !!
    Bravo !!


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