December 01, 2009

~*Missing home*~

~*This is not our home*~
(A herd of deers @ Hyderabad zoo)


  1. Excellent Photo,nice frame.

    Off topic: little bit of cropping to avoid the top edge of the wall and another deer on the left side will improve the frame to the next level.

  2. Prasanth
    Got it
    :) will try to do it for next pics

  3. Lovely photo.... like the color saturation :)and like the frame

    If i may ask what post processing work does ur photo's go through normally ?

  4. Samson, Most of the time i do not do any tweaking but otherwisae use Corel Paintshop PRO X2 (only to remove noise and sharpening a bit) and for HDR, using Photonmatix ?(trial version) and GIMP., try it.
    Its awesome

  5. 3Idiots !!!...:p
    nice pic.........


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