October 12, 2009

Some random clicks on 12th Oct

I think Danny Boyle was inspired from these kids
At 8.45 Am, IDBI bank, Madinaguda, Hyderabad
(I waited for 10 min, then had to scold them to come out and they ran away shyly)

The man behind Windos :)
At 10.45 Am, Innovation Plaza, DRL, Hyderabad
(This was going on during a meeting and almost everyone was in splits)

Such is life
At 4.45 PM, In MMTSm from Begumpet to Hafeezpet, Hyderabad


  1. man behind windows! that's hilarious!!
    I love the last shot too =] dangerous travel.

  2. Ariyathe

    The man behind windows was indeed a good catch
    we were in between a presentation when this happened

    Last pic: yeps, it was a bit dangerous

  3. LOL - that middle picture is fantastic!

    ah - so that is how windows works - there is a little magic man in behind the screen and he wipes off all the stuff and writes the new stuff on ... now I know why the computer takes so long to boot up - the magic man has to wake up, get dressed and have his breakfast!

    (I know - it is a bit strange for someone to be commenting on this post so long after you posted it - but I only just came and looked at your blog (I came from the ABC Wednesday) and I liked what I saw so I kept looking further back, and found this one ...


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